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Racquet Stringer
From: image José Sarria
Tennis around Milton Keynes/northern Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire
From: image Sean
Milton Keyne...
I am a 22 year old ITN 7 (I think!) tennis player looking to play singles around the Milton Keynes a...
Tennis partner for practice/friendly game
From: image Steve777
I used to play tennis a lot when I was younger, really miss playing, so looking to practice/play wit...
Named and SHAMED - love4tennis
From: image LeCoq68
This fellow love4tennis did not even text me email or phoned simply did not turn up. Lesson to learn...
Tennis/Hitting partner on weekends?
From: image kwadster
anyone interested in knocking about an a set or two? i live in the sidcup area south east london, <...
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