About Site Rankings

TP Rank

The TP Rank is the position a player has in TennisPartner.

Every new player get a starting site rank based on his/her ITN level and the more points a player gains, the higher the player is ranked. Rank #1 is always kept by the player with the most points.

Every player who has submitted a score gets points.

TP points are being calculated as following:

Win (completed best of 3 sets match) = 10 points.

Draw = 5 points

Loss = 1 point

Win (uncompleted match) = 5 points

Local Leagues or KO Tournament or Ladder = 3 points extra for both players.

Every set won = 1 point extra.

To spice up things we also added a color to each group ranking.. enjoy ;)

GOLD - TOP 10 Players!

SILVER - RANK 11 to 50.

BROWN - RANK 51 to 100.

PURPLE - RANK 101 to 200.

BLUE - RANK 201 to 500.

GREEN - RANK 501 to 1000.

NO COLOR - RANK 1001 and lower..

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