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Local Tennis Ladder

Billericay, East Anglia

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ITN 2 - National Standard
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ITN 9 - Recreational
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Join the local leagues!

Join the Local Ladder

How to join the ladder
Joining your local tennis ladder has never been easier:

FREE: First and foremost, it's FREE. Worth mentioning...


EASY: LADDER SYSTEM - Because you don't want to get pushed by time constrains - like playing all your matches by next Saturday (do you?..) our local ladder is ongoing, all year around, making it easier for you to play and improve.

GET Ranked: to get ranked, you have to get in the ladder !;) to get in the ladder, you must:

1) PLAY: play a match with a partner registered on tennispartner.co.uk

2) Report the result here

3) Fill the form, press submit and there you are...ranked in the local ladder..beware challengers are on their way!..

3) MY RANK: your rank is based on the amount of matches played, set won, matches won.


Tennis local Ladder FAQ
- How do I find partners not listed in the ladder?
> Search for local Partners here and invite them for a game.

- I'm a bit shy..How do I invite them for a game of Tennis?
> You can send a message by clicking on "[Send a message]"
> You can send matches invites by clicking on "[Make a challenge]"

For any more queries please contact us here

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